When are meals delivered?

Meals are delivered by caring volunteers between 11:00am and 1:00pm each weekday, except Thanksgiving and Christmas (we are closed on these holidays).

Hot meals are prepared fresh and delivered daily.

Frozen meals are delivered once a week. Clients may order up to 7 additional meals for evenings and weekends.

Daily well-being visit by a friendly volunteer

In addition to receiving a warm, nutritious meal, our volunteer drivers make sure our clients are safe, along with a warm smile and a friendly hello. Volunteer drivers report back to the Meals on Wheels staff with any potentially unsafe situations.


Our staff Support Coordinator can provide referrals and resources to help keep our clients independent. Please call our office for details.

Types of Meals

Standard Diets

Each meal provides 600 calories and one-third of the adult daily recommended dietary allowance including protein, starch (potato, rice, noodles, etc.), vegetable, fruit, bread, milk or juice, and dessert.

Special Diets Available

  • Regular diet
  • No concentrated sweets
  • Low fat
  • No added salt
  • Modified texture diets

additional Services

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education is provided monthly at no cost through Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. Through this partnership our clients receive quality information on current nutrition facts.

Blizzard Boxes

Free Blizzard Boxes containing shelf-stable meals are provided annually to each client in the event of inclement weather conditions.