The Next Fifty


Over the last six to eight months we have had  a lot of healthy discussion about our 50th anniversary in 2018. It seems every week I meet someone who tells a story that helps me see the incredible impact our organization has in our community over the years. Now is a perfect time to look back at what has been accomplished, and to plan strategically for years to come.

We will celebrate our 50th anniversary throughout the course of the entire year. I won’t share all the details just yet, but we have set our sights on dramatically increasing awareness of Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud. We are planning monthly events (large and small) that should be fun and appealing to a wide variety of people. The one piece I will share is that we are planning a signature dinner event in mid-June that is shaping up to be one of the coolest dining experiences I have ever heard about. 

Our 50th year will be more than just events and get togethers. Our goal is to inform and engage everyone we touch about how you, our volunteers, donors, and supporters, have helped tens of thousands of our neighbors over the past 50 years live nourished lives with independence and dignity. And we will continue this mission going forward with your help. 

If you are part of a community organization, or belong to a club, church, or business that would benefit by learning exactly how we help so many people stay independent, we would love the opportunity to speak to your group about our program. 

Simply put, please call us: 970-667-0311.  Let’s set up a time to get together. No matter the group size, let’s collaborate together to continue building this organization’s legacy for the next fifty years. 


Delivering Independence

20170115-Jeff Profile Photo-PMG_5063.JPG

“How are things going?”

This is a question I am regularly asked by our volunteers and supporters. The answer is always “Things are great!” and there are a few reasons I can quickly respond that way. To start, former Executive Director Elizabeth Harless (and those before her) built an amazing agency during her 23 years at the helm. Secondly, everyone who works here is dedicated, knowledgeable, and fun to work with.

Most importantly, it is the volunteers and supporters that make Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud shine. Every day volunteers package and deliver nearly 300 meals to people in our community that need the food and personal connection. Every day a donation comes in that allows us to continue purchasing the food our volunteers deliver. Things are great!

Now I have the opportunity to look to the future - where we will be going? The senior population in Colorado is increasing by 6% every year, and in Larimer County the growth is even larger. People are calling it a “silver tsunami”. As our population continues to age, most people will need some type of support so they can remain independent in their home.
Delivering meals provides us the opportunity of daily contact with this potentially vulnerable population. We must continue to use this opportunity to provide a thorough wellness check and be able to recognize when our neighbors need additional support.

Our core service is, and will remain, delivering a nutritious meal, but there is more we can and must do. I am exploring enhanced services including a Wellness Beyond Nutrition program to help our clients receive all the support they need so they can remain in their homes as long as they choose. The only way we can do so is with continued support from the Loveland and Berthoud communities. I am confident with your support I will always be able to answer, “Things are great!” as we forge our way through the oncoming “silver tsunami”.


Jeffrey Pomranka
Executive Director