Volunteer Spotlight - Paul and Elaine

In 2003 when Paul and Elaine began as volunteer drivers, they decided to do things a little differently - they started as substitute drivers! They continue to be substitutes 14 years later. Paul, a veteran, (more on that in a minute) says “We love meeting the clients and other volunteers - and as substitutes we always meet new people and hear the most interesting stories.”

Paul and Elaine have been married 60 years. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.  Elaine grew up in Reno, Nevada, where she and Paul met at Stead Air Force base.

In honor of Veteran’s Day*, we’re highlighting Paul in particular, who is an outstanding example of a lifetime of service. At 17 he enlisted and served in Japan at General MacArthur’s headquarters in Tokyo toward the end of WWII. After the war, Paul attended college at the University of Iowa, then went to work for the Army as an industrial engineer developing work methods and standards. During a work-related trip to Japan, Paul had the opportunity to visit the building he had worked in during the war. Amazingly, he was shown General MacArthur’s office, which had been kept as it was during the war - not a thing had changed. 

Paul worked and ultimately retired as a civilian from the Air Force. As you know, Veteran’s Day is to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. We are very thankful for Paul’s military service, and for Paul and Elaine’s long-term service to Meals on Wheels. 

(*This volunteer spotlight was originally published in the November 2017 print edition of The Dish.)