2018 Marks Our 50th Anniversary

50 Years News Paper.png

In June of 1968, Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud served its first meals. Eleven meals to be exact. It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since those early days. We are so proud of what this organization has accomplished since 1968.

How best to adequately thank and recognize all those who have been a part of this journey over the years? Let’s try to imagine how many nutritious meals have been served throughout our community since opening day. This year alone we’ll be serving just under 100,000 meals! Just think of the impact these meals and daily contact have had in people’s lives.

How many remarkable volunteers - past and present - have volunteered their time, enthusiasm, and love for this organization. Drivers, kitchen helpers, administrative assistants, and the invaluable support and direction of our volunteer board members throughout the years. Every volunteer has, in their own way, made an indelible mark upon this organization.

Think of all the supporters in our community and elsewhere - those who have generously donated without hesitation year after year, and the foundations and organizations who have provided critical funding over the years. These sources of funding provide the very groundwork of our efforts.

Our dedicated staff members who have worked tirelessly over the years: kitchen, administrative, and executive directors. Fifty years with each person leaving their imprint upon this organization - everyone has been a part of this incredible evolution.

We hope you will share our story of impact and purpose with your neighbors, family and friends, and colleagues.

We’d like everyone to join with us as we unveil memorable ways to celebrate our 50th in 2018. We encourage you to remain or become active in our organization in your own way.

Our mission of providing nutrition, promoting independence and enriching lives at Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud could not be more important or relevant, so we ask “won’t you join us as we begin our next 50 years?”

Velma Retires

In 2004 Velma Combers was hired at Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud. Reflecting back, within 48 hours she said, “I knew I was in the right place. I knew this was where I belonged.”

For over thirteen years Velma has successfully managed the Meals on Wheels kitchen and staff, prepared menus and, as a Registered Dietician, ensured that all meals are delivered to our clients are the right mix of flavor, recommended daily allowance for proper nutrition, and portion size. On November 1, Velma retired and relocated to Minnesota.

Jeffrey Pomranka, Executive Director, said “Velma has been extremely resourceful – always searching for the right product at just the right price, and always with success. She runs a very tight operation, training her staff properly and monitoring all food safety practices. We will miss her immensely, but she is leaving a great staff in place who are stepping up to take the reins.”

“I have always loved to cook, and preparing nutritious meals for those in need at Meals on Wheels has been the greatest experience for me. I will always treasure my time here,” said Velma. We wish you only the very best in your retirement, Velma!